Ashley Insurance Agency aims to support great causes within the communities we serve. We are happy to receive many requests for sponsorships from community organizations each year.



The event or cause must: 

    1. Support the community and/or the surrounding areas.

    2. Align with the agency’s mission, vision and strategic priorities.

    3. Be events in our primary or secondary service areas.

    4. Come from established, not-for-profit organizations with a history of service. 


While we encourage involvement in the communities in which we serve, we do not provide sponsorships for the following:

    • Personal fundraising efforts

    • Individuals or small groups for participation in trips, tours, workshops, contests, competitions, etc.

    • Family Foundations

    • Political campaigns


How to submit a request:

    1. All organizations must complete the request form below.

    2. Requests for multiple events or programs must be submitted separately, one at a time.

    3. Requests must be made a minimum of 8 weeks in advance of print deadlines and/or the event or program start date.

    4. Provide additional information to Ashley Insurance if requested.


We will follow up with your organization regardless of our intent to sponsor.  Additional follow up or meetings may be required to fully understand the scope of the sponsorship request.

Thank you for asking Ashley Insurance Agency to be a part of your exciting program. Please keep in mind with the many requests we receive, we are unable to participate in every program even if your organization meets all the above criteria.

Thank you for your interest in us!

Ben & Suzette

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Roane County Youth Basketball League - Spencer, WV
WV Molasses Festival - Arnoldsburg, WV Basket Raffle
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Roane County College Scholarship Foundation
Begin your request here. 

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